Everyone needs a thrill from time to time.

Some people get their kicks from watching films. Others find an especially hot cup of coffee in the morning provides all the excitement they could ask for.

For the more adventurous among us however the ultimate experience is the theme park. Who wouldn’t want to be hurled through the sky at hundreds of miles an hour?

With Covid restrictions being lifted and parks opening up, they face potentially unprecedented levels of customers.

But what is it that’s going to provide a good experience for these guests? We’ve outlined our top picks.


1) Keep it clean

For those returning to theme parks over the last month it will be special experience. The reunion with their favourite rides will be viewed with rose tinted glasses. Unless there’s rubbish everywhere of course.

That’s why as staff get back up to speed dealing with high levels of footfall it’s important the little things don’t slip. 

Disneyland actually employs a high tech solution to their rubbish requirements. Each bin is fitted with a sensor which buzzes an unfortunate staff member each time they need to take out the trash.

It will be interesting to see whether, as UK parks expand, similar measures will be taken to keep them squeaky clean.



2) Stick to Covid protocol

As we are starting to see restrictions lifted across the country it can be easy to forget there are still several coronavirus mandates in place.

Theme park staff, along with all those who make up the hospitality sector have an important part to play in this. 

While they may be difficult to enforce at times, making sure everyone feels safe is a key part of the overall customer experience.


3) Make sure there are places to rest

A theme park may be all about the rides, but that doesn’t mean they’re all that matters.

The roller coaster experience can be an exhilarating, if slightly exhausting one. This is why it’s vital to have somewhere to get off your feet.

Food courts, indoor shows and even well positioned  benches all provide opportunities for frazzled guests to get their energy back.

Many theme parks now also have restaurants and while you’re unlikely to go for the fine dining experience, it can provide a great way to relax.


Untitled design

4) Build a feature rich, functioning app

Time spent at a theme park can be precious, with relatively high costs and not enough hours in the day.

When trying to buy tickets, navigate the park or understand queue times there is no better way to do this than through a functioning app.

If done correctly it can ensure your guests get the most out of their experience while saving themselves time.

Thorpe Park has done exactly this with a fantastic app that allows you to plan your day as well as take advantage of a range of offers and deals. It’s no surprise then that it holds a 4 star + rating on both the appstore and google playstore


5) Have a lost and found process that works

As you might have guessed, the last point on our list is our favourite subject. Lost property.

The nature of theme parks means that you have people a) moving around a great deal and b) hurtling through the sky while doing twists and twirls.

This constant flux combined with aerial acrobatics unsurprisingly results in many misplaced items. If your lost property process isn’t up to scratch then you risk turning a great day into a frustrating experience for your customers.

Using NotLost’s state of the art software you can ensure that this doesn’t happen. It allows for the simple logging of items via image recognition by park personnel and a self service portal for customers to make enquiries.

This means that everyone saves time. Firstly for your guests but also for your staff, allowing your team to spend more time on the important things.

When Alton Towers started using NotLost’s property software they found instant results and a 20% drop in time spent handling lost and found enquiries.


“NotLost offers us a modern solution to managing our lost property processes. It was simple to implement, is easy to use and saves significant time and hassle for our team. Our guests get a better level of customer-service and we are returning more items of their property.”

Sales and Customer Service Manager, Alton Towers



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