About us

Since 2017, NotLost has been on a mission to reunite more people with items that they’ve lost.

We are an enterprise software company that enjoys solving complex challenges with significant experience of implementing lost and found software in transport settings including Train, Bus, Ridehail, Mass Transport and Air.

In 2021 we won a tender to deliver the lost property system for Transport for London and we went live in the Summer of 2022; successfully replacing a legacy system with a cloud-based scalable solution that connects all modes of transport in London and handles ~350k items per annum.

in 2023 we have supported clients in deploying solutions across 13 different countries

Our core platform is the result of over 50,000 developer hours and we have an active development team that is constantly improving our platform.

Our product is highly configurable and handles a variety of use cases – meaning we can support your current process, as well as offer a range of improvements and switch features on as required to realise customer service improvements.

We are conscious that process change is difficult. We work in partnership with our clients to deploy our solution in the most effective way and we are experienced in dealing with implementation, training and support.

That’s why we’re building a solution that we believe in, blending simplicity and flexibility with a suite of powerful features.

Our team is creative, driven and dares to dream big, and everyday we strive to do our best for our customers, our communities and each other.

There’s always space in our team for new ideas