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Transforming Lost and Found

Improving operational efficiency and customer experience when handling undelivered parcels

Why undelivered parcels matter: A daily industry headache

Each parcel lost or severely delayed in transit costs an average of £25 in compensation and creates more work for your Customer Services team. Add this to the operational strains and staff time absorbed in managing these exceptions and it is clear that undelivered parcels put a significant dent in your hard-earned profits.

Each incomplete delivery will involve a frustrated sender and recipient, and a risk to your brand reputation if these enquiries are not dealt with quickly.


4.1 billion* parcels in the UK are transported annually; with 0.5% – 3% being lost, undeliverable or severely delayed

* 2021

Significant costs result from lost parcel compensation claims, even when items are eventually delivered

Manual, disconnected processes absorb valuable staff time handling undeliverable parcels and the consequent customer enquiries

Risk of damage to brand reputation from providing a poor customer experience when handling enquiries

The NotLost Solution

Over the last 3 years, we have been solving the challenge of lost and found items across various industries. We have secured tenders for a global airline solution and, most recently, with Transport for London, for whom our platform will be powering the largest lost property operation in Europe.

In parallel, we have been meeting industry leaders in transport and logistics, leveraging their expertise to understand the issues posed by lost parcels for their businesses.

We have evolved our platform and developed features suited to the parcel industry that we are actively delivering and refining in a proof of concept for a major UK courier firm, to help increase the proportion of parcels successfully delivered or returned; reducing losses, and improving client and customer satisfaction.

In addition, the NotLost platform is:

  • web-based, allowing for easy use on existing devices;
  • highly configurable; allowing for inputs from various data sources;
  • supported on a SaaS basis by our development team; and
  • based on APIs, making it easily integrable into your tech stack.

Deliver significant operational improvements

Our platform supports the quick upload of all undeliverable parcels into a single database with simple steps for your depot staff. In parallel we can support you in pushing your “undelivered item” enquiries online.

Our powerful matching algorithm can suggest matches to your staff; or the data can be searched live by Customer Services. Access can also be given to permitted external parties; meaning more parcels are successfully delivered or returned.

Complete more deliveries

Rapid item registration, automated matching and status/location updates will help you to reduce your rate of incomplete deliveries.

Improve relationships with retail partners

Better data around ‘lost’ parcels in the network will assist enquiries when referencing undelivered items with retail clients.

Improve management visibility

Improved management reporting will support your key decision-making. Secure digital records with full GDPR compliance.

Improve Customer Service

Our platform supports a simple, consistent enquiry process where recipients, or senders, are making enquiries about an undelivered item. We can absorb all manner of inputs including information from the sender, or from your CRM and tracking software.

Improve productivity

Minimise Customer Services costs by automating processes and reducing enquiry handling time and customer conflict.

Reduce claims

Single system enables visibility across your entire delivery network and faster enquiry resolution means more parcels reach their destination.


Boost Customer satisfaction

Accurate enquiry response and clear communications improve your customer satisfaction scores.


“NotLost have the ability to deliver a solution to the perennial industry issue of undelivered parcels by deploying their proven Al-powered technology within the logistics sector. This has the potential to deliver game-changing bottom line benefit to courier businesses whilst addressing a persistent source of customer service pain.”

Neil Ashworth, Non-Executive Director & Advisor

To learn more about how NotLost can help solve your issues around undelivered parcels, email our co-founder