Visitor Attractions

NotLost is the quick and simple way for visitor attractions to manage lost and found

The ease and speed of our lost and found software makes it an essential must have tool for the UK’s top visitor attractions. Automated emails and tailored communications ensure a clear and reassuring visitor journey. Save valuable time for your staff and allow them to focus their attention elsewhere – no more manually logging items and physically searching through piles of lost property. Handle enquiries promptly and accurately, delighting visitors every day in this often-overlooked area.

Key benefits

Ensure an excellent visitor experience

in an area that can leave a lasting impression

Recoup costs  

associated with handling and returning lost property using our invoicing module

Fast and accurate

management of enquiries with photos, searching and matching algorithm

lost property software at visitor attractions entertainment

Bespoke lost report form

Allow guests to report lost items online 24/7

Save valuable time

Streamline the process and improve efficiency by reducing the number of time-consuming calls and emails regarding lost and found

Keep customers updated

Simple lost report forms within the platform automatically send confirmation emails and case reference numbers to your guests

Search and compare

using images, suggestions, keywords and categories

Secure and transparent  

platform with full digital audit trail and password protected access

Image recognition software

automatically creates detailed item report

Real-time visibility

across multiple access points (e.g security, reception)


“This is a fantastic system and is saving me a great deal of time… for me personally, this is an absolute winner.”

Security Manager, Old Royal Naval College

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