The easy way for universities to manage lost and found

“After battling with our unsuitable Lost Property system which was localised & paper based, but most of all ineffectual, I started looking for a digital solution. Several were available & from the onset NotLost stood out above the rest.”

Ian Crawshaw, Security Training Officer| University of Leeds

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Dealing with lost and found is an ongoing nuisance for your teams, absorbing valuable time and energy. It’s also a sensitive area for students that risks causing angst and harming student satisfaction.

Large number of inbound student calls and emails
Disconnected and time consuming process
Lack of security and visibility for management
GDPR compliance risk when handling personal data

See how our lost and found software supports leading universities

Quickly register items across your campus by taking a photo. Allow students to submit simple online lost enquiries 24/7. Review suggested matches and respond promptly to enquiries and enable your students to manage their own returns. Cloud-based and simple to roll out, supported by a dedicated customer success manager.

Security & compliance

A clear end-to-end audit trail with tiered user access and full GDPR compliance.

Quick upload

Register items in seconds with image recognition software, ensuring accurate and consistent data.


End-to-end enquiry handling

Handle student enquiries with speed and ease using real-time searching across the entire campus.


Put your students first

Online lost report forms and automated emails ensure an excellent service for students, keeping them informed and reassured.


Matching engine

The system will suggest and rank matches, freeing up staff time and enabling proactive enquiry response.

Self-service checkout

Students can select and confirm their own return options, ensuring a modern and mobile service.

Easy training & adoption

With our dedicated customer success and sales team and a simple to use platform, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Report, review, succeed

View detailed reports to make data driven decisions, and carry out reviews with our customer success team.

77% less time spent managing lost and found

“We had to deal with large volumes of lost property using an in-house manual process. The NotLost platform is a much better resource & increases staff productivity.”

Campus Services Administration Manager | University of Reading

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Pricing from £1,000 access plus £1,000 per 10,000 students per year

NotLost helps teams of all sizes to handle lost and found with speed and ease

Put your students first

Online lost report forms, automated emails and powerful searching help you to respond promptly and accurately to enquiries and enhance the student experience.

NotLost lost and found report form customer checkout
NotLost lost and found software reports dashboard

Improve team efficiency

Quick item registration, suggested matches and visibility across multiple campus buildings enable your team to get the job done faster.

Provide visibility for management 

Reports, password protected access and secure digital records help improve control and give you peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing.

NotLost lost and found software reports dashboard

NotLost simplifies and automates the dull, but essential, tasks behind lost and found management. Enable your team to do the job with speed and ease and get peace of mind that you and your team are doing the right thing for your students.

Reduce inbound student calls and emails
Free up staff time by 50 – 80%
Improve security and visibility for management
Dedicated customer success team

“Its simple concept and ease of use understates the power of scalability the system offers.”

Steve Sloan | Procurement manager | University of Leeds

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“We chose the NotLost platform as it will allow us to return more items & crucially, represents a student focussed & oriented system.”

Campus Services Administration Manager | University of Reading

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“We spoke to some of NotLost’s customers who all said how well the platform worked for them. The simplicity of the system and the friendly, efficient communication with the team was also a deciding factor.”

Receptionist | University of Exeter

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“Training was given to suit our needs and timings. Follow up/ongoing help is always readily available.”

Head Receptionist | Penryn Campus & Falmouth University

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