Behold, our definitive guide to what NotLost is and how our lost property software works 

It’s finally here. After months of hard work, NotLost proudly presents two brand new videos outlining what we’re all about and how we work. These videos will give you a brilliant idea of how our transformational lost property software can solve the problems organisations experience with the lost property process.

Why do I need a lost property software such as NotLost?

Millions of items go missing every year. You customers lose things at your venues and they’re keen to get them back. However, your existing lost property process may be an ongoing headache for your team, causing hassle and frustration. Surely there’s a better way?

Enjoy our shorter explainer video to find out more:

Keen to find out how NotLost works?

So, what exactly is the problem? And how can I solve it?

Introducing Sonia. She works in a busy customer facing role. She spends hours each week recording details about lost property, handling enquiries from anxious customers and wading through mountains of lost and found reports. Managing lost property is ‘the worst part of Sonia’s job’.

Meanwhile, here’s Ben. He’s lost his keys. However, he can’t get through to Sonia and it all seems a bit frustrating and out-dated. Surely there’s a better way?

Introducing NotLost! Transforming the way lost and found is managed.
Sonia simply takes a photo of each item of lost property and the image recognition software does the rest. When dealing with a customer enquiry, she can search across the platform in seconds. Plus, customers can complete on-line forms and the system will help Sonia find matches. Furthermore, she can offer a range of return options and easily generate an invoice to cover costs.

NotLost shreds the time spent managing lost property by up to 80%. Moreover, this allows your team to deliver the exceptional service that your customers deserve.

Take a look at our full-length video which answers all your questions to find out more: 

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What do you think about our new videos? We’re so pleased with how they turned out. With special thanks to Cake who created our masterpieces.