Oxford Bus Company becomes the first bus operator in the UK to use new technology to make it easier for passengers to be reunited with their lost belongings.

Oxford Bus Company has partnered with us, NotLost, an innovative lost property software supplier. The NotLost platform combines various features, including image recognition and powerful search functionality with a simple, intuitive interface, transforming the way lost property is managed. It enables Oxford Bus Company to digitally log misplaced items quickly and the system helps match them to the rightful owner.

What was the lost property issue?

Earlier this year, Oxford Bus Company revealed 2,800 items were lost in 2018. Just under 1,000 items were left unclaimed and therefore donated to local charities or safely disposed of. Among the items left on buses and coaches were a lightsaber, a fireman’s hat, vampire teeth, a Soviet Union hat and a letter detailing sexual fantasies.

Found items


The NotLost solution 

Lost property enquiries were the biggest reason for people telephoning the Oxford Bus Company. But now, thanks to the partnership with NotLost, the process has been streamlined for both customers and the Oxford Bus Company customer services team. “Losing a personal item can often be a very stressful event. It is important we provide a fast and effective service to reunite lost belongings with its rightful owner” says Adam Morison, Head of Customer Experience at Oxford Bus Company. 

“Advancements in technology have now enabled us to introduce a new market leading software solution that has improved our lost property operation. It is another way of ensuring we provide a first-class service to our passengers, while also improving our internal operational efficiency.” 

Adam Morison, Head of Customer Experience 

The NotLost online tool enables customers to log a notification of a lost item and the system will suggest matches at the click of a button. They can also request the lost item is posted to them, and the system ensures this is a seamless process too. Alex Horne, NotLost Chairman said: “We are focused on helping large organisations make their lost property operation effective. Our platform is proven to help companies manage their lost property service quickly and efficiently. This saves staff time and helps them deliver excellent customer service.”

“It is fantastic to have partnered with an innovative company that cares about its customers. We are experiencing an exciting period of growth as organisations move away from antiquated systems and realise what a difference this can make.”

Alex Horne, NotLost Chairman 

News of our partnership has been picked up by Oxford Mail, Coach & Bus Week and circulated on Twitter. We are thrilled to be beginning a strong partnership with such a brilliant, pioneering business. 

Find out more about NotLost 

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