Advanced SaaS technology for the identification and enquiry management of physical items

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AI Object Recognition

When an item is discovered, a simple photo is all it takes to initiate our automated process. Our system then generates a comprehensive report, cataloguing each item with precision. This ensures a detailed and accurate description, vastly improving identification and recovery rates.

notlost lost and found saas software solution image
notlost lost and found saas software solution image

Intelligent Automated Matching Engine

Our matching engine automatically matches customer enquiries with found items. This not only enhances the probability of matching lost items to their rightful owners but also streamlines the entire process, saving on valuable time and resources.

Courier Integration for Seamless Returns

Fully integrated courier services deliver convenience and efficiency. End customers can effortlessly purchase postage labels for the return of their items. Delivering a seamless, end- to-end solution for item recovery through to delivery back to the object owner.

notlost lost and found saas software solution image
notlost lost and found saas software solution image

Enterprise-Level Software for Complex Challenges

The NotLost platform is designed to tackle complex problems associated with managing items in expansive networks. Every organisation has unique challenges, and our software is flexible to meet your specific needs with precision.

Commitment to Security and Reliability

All data and processes within our platform adhere to the highest standards of security, offering our clients and their customers complete peace of mind.

notlost lost and found saas software solution image
notlost lost and found saas software solution image

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Sectors

Our software is engineered to be highly configurable, catering to the unique demands of various sectors. From small hotels to global transport giants like Transport for London, our solutions are adaptable to any scale and complexity. What ever the scale and complexity of your requirement, NotLost has it covered.

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Incredibly Powerful

Powerful Al-powered and matching engine completely configurable to your industry

Happier Customers

Improve net promoter score (NPS) and create PR opportunities

Easy Integration

Enjoy seemless integration with your existing internal enterprise applications

Free Up Staff Time

Free up staff time by 50-80% with Al-powered image recognition and matching

Streamline Process

Streamline processes across your network with centralised overview and reporting

Self-serve Postage

Self-serve customer postage return integrated with a range of courier services