Everything you need to deliver an excellent lost and found service

Deliver an excellent lost and found service, leaving a lasting good impression

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Online lost report forms

Simple web forms enable visitors to report something missing, anytime, anyplace

Automated emails

Automatic outbound communications keep your visitors informed and reassured

Powerful searching

Improve response time and provide accurate information for your customers

Return options

Confirm collection instructions or send invoices for postal returns, all at the click of a button

Customer self-checkout

Customers can pay and select from a range of postage options, giving them choice and flexibility

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Save time and reduce hassle for your team

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Quick registration

Image recognition software lets you register found items in just a couple of seconds

Matching engine

Automatically compare and suggest lost and found matches, meaning you don’t have to

Automate workflows

Common process steps and outbound emails have been automated

Real time visibility

Access the same information from multiple sites and service points

Configurable item fields

Customise the platform to suit your needs

Powerful searching

Effortlessly handle enquiries by searching for things like keywords, dates and location

Get peace of mind by improving internal controls and visibility

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View detailed management reports and share meaningful insights with your team

Digital history

Item and user history supports audits, investigations and complaints

User roles

Assign roles to users and control access to suit your needs

Secure customer records

Ensure GDPR compliance when handling personal data

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