There’s no denying that holidaying is a great British tradition.

Sadly it’s one that has been taken away from us over the past 18 months. While holidays abroad are still very much possible, they can be more trouble than they are worth.

The ever-changing statuses of countries and the requirements that come with it have led to many Brits staying on beloved blighty. 

Holidays in the UK obviously come with their own set of risks namely our predictably unpredictable weather. Unfortunately this year has been no exception.

This is why it’s important to make sure you’re planning your staycation well to ensure the best time possible.

For those that are new to the idea we put together a few suggestions to make it work as well as some of our favourite picks.

Journey further afield

Part of the joy of a staycation is the convenience. No long plane journeys, no passports and no worrying about exorbitant transaction fees.

Considering how simple everything is, it might be tempting to stay close to home.

While this will sometimes be the preferred option it’s important to consider the wonders that await those who wish to travel to the more isolated parts of our great nation.

Our top pick – Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye is an island located on the western coast of the famous Scottish highlands. It’s renowned for its historic landmarks and breath-taking geological formations.

The isle presents a unique opportunity for someone wanting a foreign experience without leaving the country.

Our top pick of somewhere to stay is Kinlock lodge, a beautiful luxury hotel, providing the perfect place to sit back after a hard days rambling.


Enjoy the beach

For a relatively small island, we have more coastline than you can shake a stick at.

Unfortunately the icey cold water and small window of appropriate weather don’t always make them a suitable option.

Despite this it’s always worth considering somewhere where you can see the sea, just in case..

Our top pick – St Ives, Cornwall

One of the jewels of the south coast, St Ives regularly tops the list of the most scenic beachside locations in the UK.

With beautiful scenery and so much to do (including the St Ives September festival) you’d be hard pushed not to find something that suits everyone.

For somewhere to stay check out the Pedn Olva, one of the most prestigious beachside hotels in the area.


Go camping

Nothing beats the great outdoors. Seeing the sky above your head, the wind in the trees and most important the burnt sausages on your makeshift grill.

When done well it can be a cheap and cheerful staycation option with a reduce carbon footprint.

One of the main drawbacks of jetting off to some far flung part of the world to stay in an exotic hotel is the lasting damage to the environment. Something camping takes care of nicely.

Our top pick – The Good Life Society, Wales

If you enjoy the freedom of camping but also need a bit of comfort then glamping is the one for you.

The Good Life Society is recognised as one of the best providers of this. It delivers a comfortable and rustic experience surrounded by the beautiful wilderness of Northern Wales.


City break

Fortunately for us, the UK is absolutely choc full of amazing cities which make a great destination for a weekend away.

When picking which city you want to grace with your presence it’s important to establish what you want to get out of it.

Some will be far better for cultural experience while others might lend themselves to a bar crawl.

Our top pick – Bristol

As far as cities go, Bristol pretty much has it all. A rich art scene, fantastic dining and game-changing night life make this a must visit place for anyone debating a weekend away.

It also holds one a great British landmark, Clifton suspension bridge, one of Isambard Brunel’s crowing achievements.

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay, Number 38 tops the trip advisor rankings and offers a stylish place to rest your head between discussing art and drinking cider.