Alton Towers Resort offers almost 700 rooms across a range of different eccentrically themed accommodations. It truly is the perfect themed hotel for a getaway for the whole family. With such high guest numbers, all expecting a world-class experience, there was no room for fault when it came to handling lost property.

What was the challenge for Alton Towers Hotel?

Up to 1,000 items of lost property would come to one central housekeeping hub every week, to be registered and stored. Meanwhile, staff would also need to handle around 100 guest enquiries about lost property.


Items would be registered manually onto an Excel spreadsheet, whilst a paper tag was attached to the item.

When trying to search for items on the spreadsheet, the team could not filter searches. They were often left with inaccurate results which made the search unnecessarily long.

What’s more, the analogue nature of the process meant that validating matches and agreeing upon return options with guests took place over multiple long phone calls or email correspondences.

Overall, the end-to-end operation was inefficient and absorbed a large amount of staff time.

Excel spreadsheet and paperwork lost property

What was the solution to inefficient hotel lost property management?

That’s where NotLost came in, implementing our digital lost and found software to alleviate the hassle of handling lost property.

Alton Towers Hotel staff now simply take a photo of a found item which automatically creates a detail item report on the NotLost platform. The team can also add important extra information about the item that might make it easier to match with the owner.

“Compared to the old system it’s so much quicker. When searching for items, seeing the picture helps to speed up finding the item instead of trawling through Excel.”

Housekeeping Administrator

This means when handling guests’ enquiries, staff simply search the platform using dates, keywords and photos. The relevant items appear in seconds.

As a result, guests receive more accurate responses about items and call times are much shorter, benefiting both staff and guests.

We’re proud to report that with NotLost, Alton Towers Hotel has reduced time spent handling lost property by 68%.

Introducing the lost report form

Say goodbye to long, confusing phone calls and email chains. Alton Towers Hotel now have a dedicated lost item report form online that guests can use anytime, anywhere to report an item lost. Find it here!

Lost property is no longer a distraction for any staff. Plus, guests are guaranteed an excellent experience which is in-keeping with the brand both during their stay and afterwards.

NotLost lost and found software on laptop platform

“The system has proved invaluable for us in terms of reducing staff time and angst that was absorbed in managing lost property. It has significantly improved our guest experience post visit.”

Senior Head Housekeeper

Could your hotel benefit from the world’s leading lost property software?

NotLost knows hotels. We are proud to work closely with a range of leading UK hotels, suppling a technological solution to a long-standing headache.

Could we help your hotel save staff time and delight your guests?

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