Horror to happiness as lovebirds’ nightmare has fairy tale in New York ending.

Watch the gut wrenching moment as groom to be drops diamond engagement ring down sewer grate
– source @NYPDnews

UK residents John Drennan and Daniella Anthony were at the fortunate end of a fiasco that hurts the soul. Especially for those of us in the business of lost and found software. The incident took place at 23:55 November 30th in Central Park, after which the couple notified a near by New York city police officer.

Likely in a state of shock after the mishap, the couple were convinced that there was little hope of finding the lost ring after Mr Drennan’s multiple attempts at retrieving it. 

The disenchanted couple returned to the UK the following day. Drennan had already bought a replacement ring for his wife to be, when the NYPD put out the now infamous tweet. 

Truly an epic win. However, the story wasn’t open and shut just yet. The UK couple in there haste had forgot to leave their details with the officer. nightmare. The NYPD went straight to their twitter feed to post the CCTV footage of the loss and subsequently the fantastic news that it had been found. Now armed with a hotline and missing person, the internet did what it does best.  

The story spread like wildfire. As of today (04/12/18) the post first sent out by the NYPD has accumulated over 7.3 million views and amassed 30K retweets.

Happily ever after…

Thankfully, the UK couple were tracked down. Their engagement ring is in the process of getting back to them courtesy of the New York police department.

“We’re absolutely ecstatic, We just cannot believe it.” – Drennan 36

“I just thought it was gone forever,” – Anthony, 34.

John Drennan and Daniella Anthony

1 day into December and already a Christmas miracle for us all to share. The heart warming story gained national news exposure in the USA and many major news outlets caught wind of the modern lost property fairy-tail. 

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