No matter who you bank with in the UK, a lost bank card can be a huge inconvenience. As account holders we feel It’s your bank’s responsibility to deal with the issue as swiftly and securely as possible. However, amongst fancy financial perks and great interest rates, The lost debit card conversation can be easily overlooked. Not to fear, we can help.

In this article we’ll outline the following.

1. What you should do first

2. What your bank should do first

3. Your bank’s lost card services

4. Top 9 UK bank’s lost card features and contact info

What you should do first.

Now unfortunately, this is a situation many of us find ourselves in at least once. If you lose your debit card, let your bank know straight away. Unlike a credit card, if money is spent on your lost/stolen debit card you may not get it back. Depending on the time frame in which you report the loss/theft your bank may also reject claims to refund you.

However, this is mostly only the case if the action you’ve taken is considered to be grossly negligent or fraudulent. Thankfully, most banks are well aware and prepared on the misplaced/stolen debit card issue. Before you jump on the phone check out our top tip below.

What your bank should do first

To begin with, the bank should always check for any unauthorised transactions. If any have been made on your account from the point of loss, alert your advisor. This way these transactions can be flagged and (hopefully) negate your liability.

Once you’ve; gotten through, identified yourself as the account holder, verified any recent transactions. Now, onto getting a replacement bank card. Replacing your lost or stolen debit card is a process that varies from bank to bank. With mobile and online banking more popular than ever, visiting your branch is less necessary than years gone by. Policy and features are always changing with banks, but Here are some features your bank may implement should you need them.

These are…

Armed with the relevant lost bank card knowledge, hopefully next time is less of an inconvenience. You can now contact your bank with confidence, speed and request the service that works for you. and with our Top Tip, even the call is free!

Below are the Top 9 UK high street bank’s, their list of features in relation to card loss and finally their direct contact number.

Top 9 UK bank’s lost card features and contact info

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