NotLost is the quick and simple way to manage festival lost property

Large volumes of lost property and affiliated enquiries are a familiar sight for festival organisers. NotLost empowers organisations to modernise their lost property process, shredding the time it takes to find and return items by up to 80%. Free up time for your staff and allow them to focus on other value adding work, whilst at the same time delivering a memorable customer experience.

Key benefits

Register items in under 10 seconds

Use image recognition software during your event – optional

Eliminate the distraction  

Send all items to NotLost post-event to be sustainably disposed of

Delight your festival-goers

NotLost handle every enquiry within 1 working day

NotLost register on smartphone

“A slick, effective and customer- focused solution that is now a core part of our festival operation.”

Director of Events of European Festivals, AEG Presents

How it works

Festival lost property During event


Register lost property from any mobile device in under 10 seconds

Image recognition software provides item details, date, time and finder

NotLost typically reduces the time spent registering items by 80%

Simple lost report form automatically sends confirmation email and case reference number to your customers



Quickly respond to festival go-ers enquiries using images and smart-searching

Post-festival, send all items to NotLost who will securely store them

NotLost will respond accurately to all enquiries within 24 hours

Bespoke form allows customers to easily report lost items 24/7



Give customers choice – return items via post, courier or free collection from London

NotLost will ethically recycle unclaimed items – low value items (e.g. clothing) are donated to charity

Data sensitive items are compliantly wiped + destroyed

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