Trashtag: A viral challenge that saves the environment 

The new challenge that’s sweeping the globe entitled #trashtag (or the #TrashTagChallenge) started as one mans provocation to bored teenagers, that’s now inspiring people worldwide to clean up the environment and post it online.

What started as a challenge for bored teens has made it’s way to global news with the assistance of social media. The original Facebook post (above) shared by Byron Roman has amassed 100K likes and 332K shares as of today, with no sign of stopping!

The man in the picture who started the #TrashTag Challenge is French Algerian Drici Tani Younes. According to his Facebook page, Drici is an ecologist and activist who uses his social media presence as a source of inspiration and information for people who favour a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible life. The guy’s a real life recycling rock-star. Unbelievable!

If you’re not yet privy to the Trashtag challenge and what to know how you can get involved, NotLost is here to help

What is the #Trashtag challenge?

The aim of the game is to find a neglected and littered area of nature, be it the beach, the woods, the park etc…Take a picture of the site before and another after you clean it. After this, post it via social media and brand it with #trashtag, and that’s pretty much it!

The NotLost crew absolutely love this, so we’ve decided to compile our Top 10 #TrashTag challenge applicants, so without further ado.

10. We did stuff

via Reddit, posted by u/dthaysjr

9. New challenge!!!

via Reddit, posted by u/cameron_-

7. Good people are good

via Twitter, posted by @bacon_N_megs

6. #trashtag Catawba River SC!

via Reddit, posted by u/raging-ramona

4. She’s picking up speed

via Reddit, posted by u/ZiTheGuy

Trashtag Challenge Number 4

3. #Trashtag Timelapse

via Reddit, posted by u/tedwerd

Trashtag timelapse 21,000

Awesome or what?! We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for more epic #trashtag challenge entries and implore everyone to give it a go! thanks for checking out our ‘Top 10 #Trashtag challenges’, may there be many more to come. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more success stories like this and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest.

Until next time!