Here are the key things to consider when choosing a lost property software

Managing lost property is often overlooked and low down in the priority list. However, it’s actually a key part of your business. It can influence the way a customer views their experience with you and how efficient your team are. Plus, it can have a detrimental impact on data privacy if not handled responsibly. As a result, many forward-thinking companies have implemented digital lost and found software solutions in their business. But how do you know which solution will work for you? And what even is a lost and found software?

What is a lost and found software?

Let’s take it back to basics. Lost property exists in every organisation. A variety of items are left behind, by accident, frequently. Therefore, organisations have an obligation to deal with these items in an appropriate way, including trying to return these items to owners. (Read more about this here.) This can be both difficult and complicated. That’s what lost and found management software aims to simplify. Implementing a simple, efficient system means you register items quickly, plus you can take lost item reports from customers. Furthermore, you can hold lost property appropriately and ultimately ensure items are handled with care and returned to owners.

NotLost lost and found box

What makes a good software?

You need a lost and found software that ticks all the boxes. There are 3 main areas where a digital lost property software can transform your business. NotLost are proud to offer a software that:

1. Reassures your customers >
2. Makes your team more efficient >
3. Provides you follow best practice >

When choosing a lost property management software, you should think about:

1. Does your service puts the customer first?

Your customers are valuable and you must put them first. If you make sure the lost property customer journey is clear to them, this will in-turn leave a good lasting impression of your business. NotLost offers a complete selection of features to give your customers a reassuring and convenient experience.

 Online lost report forms allow customers to report something missing, anytime anyplace

✓ Automated outbound emails and communications inform and reassure your customers every step of the way

 Customer self-checkout gives customers choice and flexibility about how they receive their item back

For a full breakdown of NotLost features that empower happy customers, head over to our features page.

NotLost lost and found happy customer return

2. Does your lost property process makes your team more efficient?

Your team might describe lost and found as a headache or nuisance. It may take up a lot of valuable staff time, plus divert effort away from other important tasks. Luckily, NotLost reduces time spent managing lost and found by up to 80% and helps increase productivity.  Our digital platform means you can wave goodbye to manual tasks, adopting a more efficient approach.

Image recognition software lets you register found items in just a few seconds

✓ Our matching engine automatically compares and suggests lost and found matches meaning your team don’t have to

Powerful searching using keywords, date and location helps you handle enquiries

For a full look at the NotLost features that increase efficiency, head here!

Busy lost property office team efficiency

3. Does your lost and found management tool give you control and visibility?

There are legal and moral obligations to do the right thing when it comes to lost property. NotLost encourages best practice when it comes to handling lost items.  As a result, you will improve management visibility whilst complying with external regulations.

✓ Detailed management reports mean you can share meaningful insights with your team

✓ A digital history of items and users supports any audits and investigations needed

✓ Secure customer records ensure GDPR compliance when handling personal data

For the full list of NotLost features, explore our dedicated page.

NotLost better insights and reports on lost and found

Does your current lost property process do all of that?

If your current lost property process isn’t ticking all these boxes, it might be time to upgrade. NotLost have a dedicated sales team that know just how our lost and found service can be utilised to the max in a variety of sectors.

Explore our dedicated industry pages here and find out how NotLost can work perfectly for you and your business. Get in touch with us here or give us a call on +44(0)20 8037 3970. Plus, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date with all things lost property!