Lost property is hard to manage across multiple locations. Learn how our latest product update offers a solution

Providing a first-class lost property service for your customers or guests can be challenging. Even more so if your organisation has multiple buildings and venues. Luckily, NotLost’s lost property software solution makes this a breeze.

This blog will explore one of our most significant updates to-date. Plus, what it means for businesses that operate across multiple venues.

What are multiple venues? 

Large organisations often have multiple sites in different locations, operating under one brand. For example, Bullring & Grand Central in Birmingham and Cabot Circus in Bristol are two shopping centres in different locations but they both belong to the Hammerson group.

Furthermore, The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane are two separate Dorchester Collection hotels located in London. However, guests will only stay at one hotel per visit. They are unlikely to interact with the other hotel at all.

Therefore, if a guest loses an item at 45 Park Lane, the item is going to be on this site. Their item is going to be found and handled by staff there, not at The Dorchester. Thus, communication should be from this hotel only to ensure a clear and positive guest experience.

lost property at The Dorchester hotel notlost client

So, what’s new?

NotLost are proud to release a game-changing product update. It will ensure the lost property process is even smoother. This significantly benefits operational efficiency for staff. Plus, it benefits the guest experience significantly during what can be a confusing and frustrating time. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Staff have visibility across venues 

Staff managing the lost property process are now able to view items across multiple venues if necessary. Or, they have the choice to only view items at their specific venue. Therefore, they are not hassled with unnecessary information, such as items from other locations, on their system.

Furthermore, this is fully adjustable to suit your specific needs.

2. Bespoke communications to customers  

If you operate across multiple venues, you can configure the outbound communications for each of them.

This is especially key when communicating with customers who have lost an item. Automated emails are sent from the system to ensure the customer has a clear view of their lost property journey. In this case, emails include accurate, necessary details such as the location to collect the item from. 

Furthermore, this allows your organisation to vary the outbound comms as little or as much as you want.

3. If you use a central customer service point…

If you use a centralised customer service point, you can manage inbound enquiries from multiple locations.

You can:

  • search for found items across multiple sites
  • mark items as awaiting collection from multiple sites
  • directly manage user access at multiple sites
  • updating profile settings at multiple sites
  • create enquiries at multiple sites (which will notify an individual at that given site that a new enquiry has been created)

This means continuous, accurate updates are made to your lost property process. Therefore, this delights customers and makes staff lives easier.

4. Better lost property reports

The update now allows NotLost to logically separate data. Therefore, reports can be pulled for separate venues, rather than just the main venue. More specific data means more accurate and useful decisions regarding the lost property process.

Our system continues to allow a better process for staff and experience for their customers  

If you handle lost property for an organisation that operates across multiple venues, NotLost is the solution for you. To find out more about NotLost, check out our How It Works page, as well as our Twitter and LinkedIn. Plus, explore our case studies from different industries to get a real feel for how we work.