With technology enhancing the service provided by facilities management, lost property software may be the final key to success 

Facilities management (FM) is absolutely essential for the successful running of organisations. It’s a profession that encompasses multiple practices to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of support services for the organisations that it serves. FM encompasses cleaning, catering, support services, property services, and security services.

All five of these are vital for the functioning of a variety of sectors. This includes: arenas, universities, shopping centres, visitor attractions, transport services, banks and even offices. The goal is to ensure safety, security and an exceptional experience.

Providing these services are by no means their key delivery. Thus, organisations often choose to outsource their facilities management. FM businesses offer expertise and a fully integrated solution to problems. As outlined in CBREs ‘Top trends in FM’, developing ‘integrated services’ is a priority. Therefore, wen all processes fall under one point of control, this offers a professional yet transparent view across the business.

Technological advancements in facilities management

Facilities management providers are always looking for the next big thing. The industry is growing and the roles required are increasing, encompassing more responsibilities and skills. What with the emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’, the importance of employee engagement, wellbeing, evolving IT and sustainability, FM must adapt.

Since the rise of the internet, operations have continuously scrapped paper processes. Smartphones and tablets have replaced traditional paperwork. Browser-based facilities management systems are efficient and allow many individuals to access information.

team using technology for customer service

Additionally, more devices are now ‘internet aware’ around an organisation. Receiving accurate and up-to-date information leads to improved performance and efficiency. This means that technology can be used to track anything, from customer feedback to washroom usage.

However, even with this technology, facilities management companies are still failing to offer everything.   

What are facilities management companies missing?

We’ve identified an important, but often overlooked, aspect of customer experience: the lost property process. The average person loses more than 3,000 possessions in their lifetime. What’s more, the vast majority of these are lost in venues and organisations.

items lost in a lifetime

Getting back lost items often is a lost cause. Firstly, companies rarely provide the same level of service to lost property as they do in other areas. Customers are unaware of who to contact if they have lost something and assume they won’t be reunited with their lost item.

Meanwhile, lost property can be a time-consuming hassle for team members who must deal with it. There is often no clear process in place. Instead, there is manual data-input, endless phone calls, emails and queues of customers enquiring about items. Lost property can be a painful process for all involved.  

If technology is enhancing every other function, why are facilities management companies stuck in traditional practices?

The solution: Facilities management providers need to harness lost property solutions

Take your lost property office online too. By incorporating a lost and found software solution, your facilities management is complete.

Case Study: OCS prioritise lost property in their process

OCS facilities management logo

One example of a FM company that provides services to a wide range of sectors is OCS. Specifically, in the retail sector, OCS provides security, cleaning, waste management, landscaping and more to shopping centres and business parks. 27 million visitors per year enjoy a clean and safe shopping experience at one of their largest client sites.

As a company driven by innovation, OCS aim to improve process efficiency and drive costs down for clients. Meanwhile, they want to improve customer experience. Therefore, OCS have implemented NotLost at Manchester Arndale shopping centre.

As a result of using NotLost, Manchester Arndale are now seeing return rates more than double the national average. Additionally, staff are now able to register items in just 30 seconds using our image recognition software. Meanwhile, where handling enquiries used to take 8 minutes, it now takes just 2 minutes. This means staff can focus on other important tasks, safe in the knowledge that lost property is under control.

to register an item

to handle an enquiry

What are the benefits of introducing a lost property process? 

1) Say goodbye to paper and hello to technology

Using a cloud-based system means no more confusing paper entries. Firstly, simply use your smartphone to take a photo of the found item. An item report is created, with item description, time and date added automatically. Our technology ensures accurate and consistent data capture.

Furthermore, designated staff have visibility over the system, allowing them to answer enquiries no matter when or where the item was lost. Finally, automated emails create a clear and reassuring process for customers throughout. 

2) Safe data collection and analysis

The NotLost system is able to collect lost property data continuously. Thus, your team will be able to optimise practice based on real-time insights. For example, teams can analyse usage patterns, such as what types of items are found and when. Therefore, you can develop strategies to improve efficiency for your staff and customers.

Furthermore, a full audit trail is made, displaying who recorded, amended or returned each item. Meanwhile, your records are now on a secure, password protected platform, accessible only by designated staff members.

3) You will become industry leaders 

When compared to other facilities management companies offering similar services, ensure your FM service goes the extra mile. Incorporating an innovative lost property process will complete your facilities management process. Join the revolution of innovative facilities management brands. 

Could your facilities management company be innovating even more?

If we’ve sparked your interest and you think NotLost could be the answer to your lost and found problems, feel free to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! 

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