For businesses, the ability to leverage new technology can open doors that would otherwise remain locked. In its infancy, the software naturally had its limitations. Aside from being expensive, it was rigid, with rapidly changing times requiring the purchase of more up to date versions. 

Since the turn of the millennium, things started to change. Software as a service, or SAAS began to grow, allowing organisations to access applications over the internet, rather than having to download them. But, what are the advantages of SAAS, and should your business consider it? We take a closer look.

Pay for what you need

Before SAAS if you wanted software for your organization, you needed to buy it outright. This could easily cost thousands of pounds. On top of the upfront cost, the issue is that if you decide you don’t want it after a year, then it’s wasted.

The SAAS model represents a much better solution to this. As you’re not responsible for the upkeep of the product or any hardware, all you need to pay is the license.

Once this expires, you can drop the service if you don’t need it. This prevents you from lumbering yourself with an unhelpful piece of legacy tech that you use simply because you want to get your money’s worth.

This prevents you from being lumbered with an unhelpful piece of legacy tech that you use simply because you want to get your money’s worth.



Most SAAS companies pride themselves on having a dedicated account/customer success manager to help you through the journey. This will start with onboarding and tutorials to make sure you understand how everything works.

For the more complicated products especially, this hands-on approach when you’re starting out is vital. Fortunately, their assistance doesn’t end there. A good CSM will offer continuous help throughout the lifecycle of your license, making suggestions and doing everything they can to make sure you get the most out of the service.




Generally speaking, SAAS updates come free. They are included in the license fee and are part of the overall offering. The increased engagement you have through the account management even allows you to play an active role in this.

Many SAAS providers actively work with clients on product developments. This means that through your input, you can help create a product that does exactly what you need.


Scalability & Flexibility

One of the great advantages of SAAS is that they can be easily rolled out on individual or enterprise levels. This means that as your company grows, it’s easy to expand your use of the product. You generally don’t need to take out new licenses either, and adding more users or devices will often come at a severely reduced rate.

Similarly, you can pick and choose elements of the software that you want to use. Most modern products will have a suite of tools that you can pick from. The software makes it as easy as possible for you to pick up things you want, and drop those you don’t.


Try before you buy


Due to the plug and play nature of SAAS, trialling a product is much easier than with traditional software. All a provider needs to do is give you limited access and you can often try it out as part of a ‘proof of concept phase’.

This reduces the risk of buying something that’s not right for you and even gives you a better understanding of the service so you can hit the ground running when your license starts. While not everyone will be happy to offer a free trial straight off the bat, you can often negotiate it during the sales process.

Why NotLost?

With lost property software a relatively new industry, innovation is constant. So, if your looking for a solution to your lost & found woes, an agile SAAS model really is your only option. Here at NotLost, we work with our clients on a daily basis to adapt our platform to their ever-changing requirements.

The result is an up to date solution, which, right out of the box, is ready to ensure you stand the best chance of streamlining your lost and found process, delighting your customers and saving your staff time in the process.

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